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Optimizing Your Eco Process


  • Gas chromatographer
  • Auto sampler
  • Analytical lab
  • Soxhlet extraction

Innolab offers a total of sixty different tests and analyzes for rapid follow-up of the fermentation or purification process:

Calorific value                   Biogas Potential    Ammonia nitrogen
Free volatile fatty acids      COD                    Elements Scan

Sludge activity                  SOUR                   NPK ......


With the best equipment and products, we continue to maintain maximum quality. For current analyzes, the results are sent to the client at least 48 to you upon receipt of the samples. If one wishes to obtain extra consulting it is perfectly possible. Even if a calamity occurs, you can count on Innolab. We are always ready and at Innolab this is literally 7 to 7 and 24 to 24 because we know that a biological process does not has a "nine-to-five-rhythm".

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