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Optimizing Your Eco Process

Batch test

  • Incubators
  • Batch reactors
  • Gas production curve
  • pH measurement

Batch tests have the aim to determine the biogas potential of biomass at a certain temperature . The biogas potential, the biogas production flow or the inhibitory effect of input can be determined.  The assays can be mesophilic (37 ° C ) and thermophilic ( 51 ° C). On request, this may also be at a different temperature .

Unique to the batch tests at Innolab is that an electronic measurement system has been developed which increases the accuracy and mistakes by human actions can be excludedcompaired to the classical measurement systems. An additional advantage is that the number of measurement points increases for the determination of the gas production curve . In the classic techniques , this is a maximum of 1 point per day while more than 1000 points per day can be registered with the electronic system. At the moment we are working on a web application to monitor as customer your batch test.

Innolab has some 100 batchtreactoren available with volumes ranging from 1 to 35 liters.

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